In just a few words ...

Built on the collaborative efforts of one designer, one creator, and a few friends of both persuasions, Illustrative provides both design and illustration services in many beautiful ways.

Determined at bringing typical design work beyond pre-formatted templates and ill-chosen colors, the team here at the studio works hard to ensure our creations are of the highest caliber, as well as fulfilling the conceptual and economical expectations of our clientele. Foremost among our goals is to honor God with the quality and availability of our talents, and as such, many of our design efforts are put to use by non-profit organizations, churches and great schools like FCC.

The Skills

What it is that we can do?

We like to draw and we like to smile, so it should be no surprise that our illustrations are colorful, exciting and a whole lot of fun to look at. When we act serious-like, out come complete identity designs, including distinctive logo creations and innovative corporate materials. Our skills also include both the design and development of dynamic web experiences. We hand-code by preference, but can do plenty of good in a WYSIWYG when necessary. CSS is our best friend for style and we love to build for XHTML compatibility and accessibility. It's important for us that things look nice, so we are only happy when both our PCs and our Macs see things eye-to-eye.

For all our friends in education, we have recently added curriculum and inner office document enhancement to our list of services.

The People

We all wear masks, metaphorically speaking

Oscar Staff Photo

Oscar Cortez

Designer, Illustrator & Mac enthusiast

Current Apple: 15" MacBook Pro (2.8 GHZ)
Interests: apples, comics, lizards, medals, chops, code, warhols, guitars, stars, carts, and backpacks
Oscar Uses: Wacom drawing tablets, Incase computer bags, Sakura Pigma Micron pens, Staedtler erasers, Sumajin Smartwraps

Jodie Staff Photo

Jodie Cortez

Creative director & Desktop aficionado

Current Apple: 13" MacBook Pro (2.26 GHZ)
Interests: tots, glass, reels, pugs, tops , nenya, colegio, tunes, ziggy, sitars, boards, woot, kicks

Site History

Looking back into our past

Through the years, we have gone through quite a few different looks. Feel free to browse through some of our past haircuts ... just don't hold any of the lame '80s hair against us, 'kay?

Version 20

Version 20.2

Pin-up and hold it down

Built-on the wonderful Simplelog Ruby framework, it had all the currently used Textile wonderfulness, but with cleaner shirts and straighter ties.

Version 20

Version 20.1 (Unreleased)

Colorful like a crayon box

Chalk full of wonderful JavaScript features like auto-hiding navigation and Google language translation ... plus some subtlety gorgeous color gradients.

Version 20

Version 20.0 (Unreleased)

Subtle black lace with minty blue

Meant to be slick and smooth, with custom backgrounds per user. Never completed, but it still might show up yet!

Version 19

Version 19.0

Puffy clouds are fun for a girl or boy

Simple and to the point, this served as a centralized landing page for all of our online endeavors.

Version 18

Version 18.0

Penguins, ribbons and lovely wallpaper

Clean and inviting lines, plus elegant coloring. Friendly mascots and colorful samples. This is when we became "Illustrative", too and ended the magic that was "Evenstar Media".

Version 17

Version 17.2 (Unreleased)

Beautiful colors and knitted pixels

Barely started and ended even sooner, this was an initiative to implement some wonderful graphics and textures for both of our main goals ... design and fashion.

Version 17

Version 17.1 (Unreleased)

The Business and the Gusto

Pretty and pink and just enough attitude to annoy some important people.

Version 17

Version 17.0 (Unreleased)

Chocolate candies with soft and silky blue sweaters

Prominent and trendy styles. Bold and inviting colors and wood inlays. Concept and color choices due in large part to Vanessa Wilson.

Version 16

Version 16.0

Ink splotches floating in the sky

Subdued colors. Subtle humor and finesse. Slightly over-done structuring and legalisms. Excellent usage of technologies and customization featuress.

Version 15Version 15.5

Version 15.0

Dark and sweet licorice

Straight-forward and simple, with plenty of hints toward crafty and good design.

Version 14

Version 14.0

Overrun by robots and mechanics

Temporarily utilizing the unique services of SquareSpace and their blogging software. Intense monitoring of site statistics and linking. Random robots thrown in for good measure.

Version 13Version 13b

Version 13.0

Cartoons and Speech Bubbles

Surrounded by dark patterns, highlighted with brilliant colors and fancy-free illustrations. Leaning heavily on structured tags, systematic entries, and lots of content.

Version 12Version 12b

Version 12.0

Colorful enough to blind you

An entire spectrum of strong colors and near bucket loads of fancy illustrations. Fully equipped with a more than dandy Dra Studio logo.

Version 11Version 11b

Version 11.0

Creamy aqua jewels

Only an intermediary design, used to help alleviate those constant design urges. Light backgrounds and bright, prominent header images.

Version 10

Version 10.0

Mood ring, oh, mood ring

Probably the most popular feature of any Dra Studio incarnation, this version's theme capability was well-received. Enjoyable color variations and quite a bit of content.

Version 9Version 9b

Version 9.0

Darks with itty bits of blue

Flashy and colorful, using nice Squidfingers tile patterns. One of the first completely CSS-styled versions. The second image is of a alternate theme that was never implemented.

Version 8Version 8b

Version 8.0

Illustrator Extraordinare

One of the most popular and famous versions of the Dra Studio. Fun and exciting, with bold clean lines. Lots of illustrated elements and humorous little extras.

Version 7

Version 7.0

All squared away

Frequently updated collection of content. Mellow, easy-reading entries with plenty of eye-catching visuals ... all in a fun-sized wrapper.

Version 6

Version 6.0 (Unreleased)

Bright and fully radiant

Sleek design. A simple and representative concept. Vivid and soothing colors. The site design never saw completion though.

Version 5

Version 5.0

Putting pixels to better use

Creative, brightly colored and finally a version that is substantially productive. Lots of features, with easy-to-follow navigation and entries.

Version 4

Version 4.0

Chaos of cogs and gears

Colorful and engaging. Totally clique and trendy. And one of the first consistent uses of a Dra Studio logo across multiple mediums.

Version 3

Version 3.0

Seek art where you can find it

First attempt at a concise and relative identity concept, directly aimed at the design medium. Vibrant colors and smooth gradients, with just a hint of glossy shine.

Version 2Version 2bVersion 2cVersion 2d

Version 2.0

Energy from rockets

More refined. Stronger attempts at an iconic feel. Again, never really used, but the mockups looked really nice.

Bright, singular colors and simplistic backgrounds. Random symbolism that now seems more than a little silly.

Version 1Version 1b

Version 1.0

Where it all began

Simple and fun, though never really implemented. We all have to start somewhere.